Our Services


Recreating under water environments is what we do. In nature, there is nothing more relaxing than the trickling of a stream, the flowing of a river, the crashing of a wave. Water is therapeutic and aquatic features are therapy. Let us help you secure the serenity your desire.

We Breed

We have a wide range of ornamental fish and plants to help create an aquatic set-up to meet your unique preferences. Be it a species tank with river stones or a community tank with plant, we have what you need to build the aquatic escape of your dreams.

We Build

Our experience goes beyond farming and crossed over into the construction of tanks, ponds and hydroponic systems to meet the every expanding needs of both our residential and corporate clients. We aim to please, send us your project details and lets discuss how we can make it happen.

We Train

With 20 years of experience, we have learned a lot. Our vision is to see the development of Jamaica’s Ornamental Fish Industry consequently, we are committed to passing on our knowledge to support this vision. We conduct after school programs, farmer training and construction training to ensure the required skills sets and available to meet the needs of the market.